Your next move matters.
Santa Barbara based localsearchability will help you to navigate through the complexity of online marketing, SEO, website design and internet marketing strategies that help your phone to ring.
Offering targeted search marketing & website optimization so your business can be found at the top of the search engines.
"Local Searchability has been managing my website, my content and my Google Ads account for many years. They continuously keep me at the top of the first page of Google.
I have seen a huge increase in my client base as a result from the many ways they have helped me grow my business"  -Dr. Girard, Santa Barbara
You Don't Know What You Don't Know.
Let us teach you what you need to know about internet marketing.
Get a Free Website SEO Checkup.
Let us give you a freebie. Through detailed reporting, we will prepare an analysis of your website' s performance, its place in the search engines, its standing compared to your local competition and useful suggestions for improvement. Most businesses find this session very helpful and enlightening. Not knowing the necessary marketing tactics required to be more visible online will hurt your business and help your competition.
We Build Websites with Search Engine Optimization in Mind that You Can Easily Update Yourself.
Many businesses have hired web designers who do not understand how to create a website that will have a chance of being found in search engines.  As specialists in this industry, we design websites not just for their beauty, but with the user experience in mind, compelling new content, speed, while integrating tactics that can boost your site's rankings. Most importantly, we want you to understand what it is you need to do to remain at the top of the search engines. That is where we educate you. Most importantly, we teach you how to update your website your self, giving you autonomy and saving you money.
Today's essential internet marketing techniques must be interwoven with all of your business practices as routine tactics. 
We want you to keep control of your website and its search engine rankings. To achieve this, we will teach you to understand Search Engine Optimization {SEO} and internet marketing strategies that must be integrated into your business as a daily practice. Some businesses want to relinquish 100% of their marketing over to outside companies and pray that their expertise will bring them more clients and revenue. Some business owners tell me that they have no desire to  understand today's required marketing methodology. They want to throw money at an outsourced service and hope that they will see a bump in rankings and an increase in sales and clients. 


Sure, we can do that for you. More importantly, we want to take it one step further and teach you the essential tactics you must implement on a daily or weekly basis in today's complex marketing environment to ensure that your business gains notoriety in your community and in local and global search results on the web. Once  you understand the key marketing tactics which you must include in your daily business operations, you will succeed in surpassing your competition and maximizing your opportunities for new clientele. You no longer can ignore what you must learn in order to capture more business online. 

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