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about localsearchability
online marketing, Web design, SEO

& business coaching
santa barbara, CA

I understand the needs of our local businesses.


Michelle Gysan

Based in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, we have been providing internet marketing, SEO, marketing, sales and business development support to small and growing businesses for over 25 years. 
I am a business advisor with Women's Economic Ventures and a former SCORE Mentor, which is a federal government funded (SBA) organization formed to assist small businesses.   I coach many kinds of small businesses throughout the Santa Barbara region and in southern California, with website design, SEO, internet marketing, e-commerce, online advertising such as creating and managing Google Ads, and social media marketing.

"I want to empower my clients to become independent and understand the intricacies of internet marketing so they can continue to manage the process on their own.  I create websites that they can easily update without having to wait or pay for a webmaster to make changes." -Michelle

Michelle Gysan is well versed in the ins-and-outs of helping small business owners better succeed through an effective marketing strategy and website refinements. She is also incredible as a graphics designer, improving layout design, editing content in all best ways, and she’s intuitive and listens deeply to the needs of entrepreneurs. I feel so blessed to have found her!    
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How I can help your business thrive:


   Identifying, creating  and testing new revenue streams

   Product  concept, creation and launch

   Marketing, sales and promotion

   Search engine optimization and search marketing

   Web content creation


   Website design with the goal of ease of updating the site yourself

   Business development/ Partnerships

   Online ad campaign management

   Affiliate partnership marketing


In addition to having over 18 years of  online marketing experience, I have also coached businesses in writing business plans, seeking venture capital, operations management, hiring and managing staff, drafting tight contracts, creating outsourcing strategies, team building, sales training and much more.

Together we can brainstorm and boost your sales.








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